SMS crazy

Norwegians are the most enthusiastic users of mobile phone short text messages (SMS) in the world, and their passion keeps increasing.
Although the final figures for 2006 are not quite ready, it is likely that Norwegians set a new record, sending well over 4.5 billion SMS last year - or roughly 1,000 per person.
"That doesn't sound improbable. That is three messages per day. I send more than that. Every day there are 7-8 million text messages sent via Telenor's mobile network," Telenor information chief Per Aril Meling told web site
Telenor's main competitor NetCom is also compiling their final figures for 2006, but can confirm that their customers average over 100 SMS each per month.
"In 2005 there were 1.6 billion text messages sent via our network. I would not be surprised if the figure approaches 2 billion for 2006," NetCom communication adviser √ėyvind Vederhus told
Mobile phone use is extremely high in Scandinavia, but neighboring Sweden does not share Norway's SMS dependency, with only an average of 30 SMS per month sent.